Sunday, August 16, 2015

New Journey

As the title suggests, this will be a boring investment blog. Then why create it? I just simply miss writing lol.

My reason for this to be an 'insipid' investment blog is that my current investment strategy will be very dull and straight forward. No more daily trades like in my forex days years ago. And notice the word investment instead of trading. I am now taking long term horizon instead of swing trading, and specifically, in equities, and sometimes bonds.

Online poker has been banned in Singapore. I did not top-up my busted forex account. As per my last update, I have moved into my own house, and there are many things to handle, especially household errands, relationship building etc. Life has been great and I hope to be more focused on career building, better relationships with family and friends, and passive wealth building. No more active trading and hours facing charts for me.

Let's fire & forget. Go grab a beer and enjoy life.

After going back to square one in terms of savings due to house renovation, I am aiming to slowly build up my investment portfolio and time goes, after setting aside emergency cash (6 months of expenses). I did a lot of self-research and forum surfing for the past one year, and moving forward, my insipid strategy will be investing in index ETF, equities and bonds mixed.

I will do occasional updates on my holdings and transactions. This blog will be updated non-regularly as I do not wish to Buy or Sell so I can write. I am learning how to display my puny portfolio into a page using google sheet for live update.

Finally, after all these while, I can be back !

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